10) The Hairiest Arms I Ever Saw

In the last post  you read about our dirty little stucco grey duplex apartment in North Minneapolis – the top venue for some of Mom and Jim’s epic fits of swearing and drunken slap downs. In this post you’ll read about my friend Kenny and his hairy arms.

Before Professional Baseball Became a Big Business


My friend Kenneth and I used to play a kind of baseball in
the alley that crossed between Morgan and Newton avenues. Taking
turns playing batter and pitcher one of us would give the play-by-play, all the while pretending to Camillo Pascual (on left)or Rich
Rollins of the 1965 Minnesota Twins baseball team. The team was loaded and won the American League pennant that year with a record of 102 and 60.

Twins fans can get the details here: http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/MIN/1965.shtml


Kenny came
from a strict Jewish family and used to ask me to turn the
lights out in his house on certain occasions. His house had a
certain smell almost like mothballs. Kenny had a barrel chest
and hairy arms, even at age 13. He was a good friend who tolerated some of my mouthy outbursts.

Rocket Club

Kenny and I tried to organize a rocket company in the 6th grade. Our idea was to recruit our buddies – each according to a selected set of skills and build a manned rocket. Kenny was mostly interested in making money, and when our rocket company never developed, Kenny had the idea of obtaining venture-capital for this or a future enterprise. He wanted to create a new company by the name of 3F, standing for Find ‘Em, Flinch ‘Em and Forget ‘Em. That was Kenny.

Image: http://yuratwin.com/camillo_pascual.php

Did you ever try to start a business as a kid?

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