17) 1967 – The Year I Was the Envy of My Neighborhood

Okay, I mentioned in the last post(#16), that Mom and Jim enrolled me in the wrong high school. In this post you will read about the coolest thing Mom and my step dad ever did for me.

But during my junior year of high school (1967) we lived in a rented house in New Hope, Minnesota overlooking Lake Magda. The lake was tiny, but the walk-out basement of the house led down a steep, grassy hill to the lake.

Well guess what?

In about November of 1967, my step father Jim did something very cool. He went to the local snowmobile dealer and purchased a 1967 Polaris Colt snowmobile. We stored the machine in our basement and when the snow came we rolled it out the basement door and drove it down the hill to the ice-covered lake. The horsepower? All of 10. Anemic by today’s standards.

But during that winter, I was THE man!


Do you own a snowmobile?

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