19) The Beginning of My Sixteen Year Journey Through College

North Hennepin Community College – Still an Unremarkable Student

In the last post you read about my struggle to buckle-down in high school there at Osseo and Cooper Senior High Schools in Minnesota. In this post you will read about my feeble attempts at being a successful student at a junior college during the Viet Nam era in the United States.

beerpic_croppedDuring the years of 1968-69, young men of military service age were “safe” from the draft if they were enrolled in college and making satisfactory grades.
Unfortunately, I was not focused, making bad grades and in danger of losing my military deferment. Many of us were politically ambivalent, but hardly anyone in my circle wanted to go to Viet Nam. So, toward the end of 1969, one year out of high school, I enlisted in The United States Air Force and entered basic training in March of 1970.

For your nostalgic amusement I have included a photo depicting my “posse” during the years I was not a high achiever in anything but a youthful appearance. I (Oliver) am seated on your left above.

Restless Romeo – All Testosterone and Muscle on a Hair Trigger

Looking back, my inability to focus on a career goal at the age of 19, put me squarely on a path to spend the next several years without a sustainable plan – or really a clue – for my life. I can blame the events of my early years, but many of my peers made better choices. For all of my bravado and energetic charm, I didn’t have the faintest idea of my gifts or how to leverage them. I only knew I wasn’t clicking in my Minnesota surroundings. I was learning that my restless energy – at times, crackling with intensity – wasn’t helping me with important choices I was facing.

Did you enlist or get drafted into the military? Were you more focused on career when you got out?

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPRAFM0BKXs

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