32) Living Well on Hardly Anything – Fitness Trainer in San Francisco

In the last post you read about my first “respectable” job in California at a fitness club. In this post you will read about my attempt to leverage this small success into something bigger – in a top-tier neighborhood – my goal at that time.

Note – As I rewrite this post again, it occurs to me that due to my humble beginnings in North Minneapolis – living near Plymouth avenue – finding great neighborhoods became increasingly important to me as I became older. When I became MUCH older, I began to be aware of GREAT PEOPLE in neighborhoods.

Strategically Positioned – If Only for a few Months

I parlayed my experience at European Health Spa and talked my way into a similar position at Marina Health Spa on Marina Boulevard in the Marina District of San Francisco. The club was smaller and slightly run-down but located across from The Marina Safeway grocery store – not a block from San Francisco bay, its yacht clubs and The Palace of Fine Arts – all in all, a prestigious and much sought-after neighborhood in the city. The enhanced image on the left of The Palace of Fine Arts is shown courtesy of Flickr. I didn’t live at the Palace but instead a few blocks from it.

High on the Hog

I leased an apartment directly across from the yacht club on Marina Boulevard. I was able to afford this because I shared the house with 3 other guys. My portion of the rent in the modest 2-story Victorian house – with a fabulous location – was about $345 per month.

I walked to the fitness club, coached (and dated) some great folks, then walked home again to our house on the bay. I had a job I loved and lived in the one of the best neighborhoods of one of the greatest cities on the planet.

This was my first indication that life in California could be sweet.

Then I Was Fired

After about 3 months working at Marina Health Spa, as an Exercise Instructor/Sales Consultant, the best job I ever had, my boss let me go for no apparent reason. (Well, I know the reason. His girl friend liked me.) In the middle of a 6 month lease on my flat, I pleaded with the landlord to let me out of it, which he agreed to do and I was jobless and homeless again.

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34586311@N05/3654962401

Did you ever lose your job over something you didn’t do?

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