34) The Car No One Wanted

In my last post you read how I worked 37 consecutive days at The Stanford Court Hotel on Nob Hill and banked enough money to buy my first car in California. In this post you will read about a little green car parked in a corner of the lot – seemingly overlooked by everybody.
Now Tan and Buying My First Car in Larkspur, California – a 1975 VW Rabbit.

One rainy Saturday afternoon, clutching tightly to a rain-soaked, white envelope containing $500 in cash, I caught the California Street cable-car down to Van Ness avenue where I walked to Lombard Street to catch the bus to Larkspur in Marin county, about a 20-minute bus ride just over the Golden Gate bridge.

“Hi, you must really need a car to come out in the rain,” the car salesman said. “Yep,” I said. After test driving two cars, I decided on a 1975 VW Lofoten (avocado) Green, swallowtail (hatchback) Rabbit. Apparently, no one else wanted the car, likely because of its color.

When it came time to apply for the loan, the finance guy insisted on some collateral so I pledged some non-existent furniture, was approved for the loan and drove the car back to San Francisco. With a reliable and even fun car now and some money remaining in the bank, I was getting a taste of what it must be like to live the good life.

The following video, produced in 1975, depicts the exact make, model and color of my first California car.

A few months later, I became bored with the Rabbit and purchased a 1976 VW Scirocco, relinquishing maybe the best car I ever owned for higher payments and worse performance but more “flash”. Just call me Oliver.

Video: http://youtu.be/pPkHCB0SCnM

What was your first car?

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