35) Grinding at The Stanford Court Hotel on Nob Hill

In the last post you read about one sweet automobile – a 1975 VW Rabbit. In this post you will read how just by working hard and having great relationships with the people around me, at age 27, I was offered one of the most important jobs of my life.

During the time I was working at The Stanford Court Hotel, I was living across the street at 851 California at what was then The San Francisco Residence Club.

Having almost no money the first month, I spoke with the Manager – a young and hungry lion like myself – who fronted me the rent money until I my first paycheck from the hotel.

The San Francisco Residence Club – Nob Hill

The San Francisco Residence Club offered weekly rates and breakfast and dinner everyday except Sunday. The property consisted of 83 rooms and catered to students, interns, visiting professionals and tourists looking for an affordable and safe place to stay in San Francisco. In the style of other Victorian buildings on Nob Hill, the brightly colored club looked very much like a peacock, although an aging and dirty one.

Why We Must Grind

No doubt, the family that owned the resident club where I was staying noticed I was working what seemed like day and night at The Stanford Court, across the street, leaving early and coming home late. I had cordial relations with them and caught up on the rent I had owed them on the first month.

Out of the Blue – A Great Job Offer!

SF Residence ClubCompletely out of the blue one day, the owner asked me if I would like to be the manager of  The San Francisco Residence Club (image on the left). It seems the other manager was leaving. The salary wouldn’t be much, but room and board would be included. I had no resume, to speak of, and no management experience whatsoever but agreed to the position and gave my notice at The Stanford Court Hotel the next day.

At 27 years of age, this was easily the biggest breakthrough of my life in a way that I could not anticipate at the time. In one day I had gone from table set-up man at The Stanford Court Hotel to Hotel Manager at The San Francisco Residence Club.

As things turned-out some months later, a person that resided in Room 22B would change my life forever.

Image – http://www.851resclub.com/img/img-home-i1.jpg

Do you remember your first big career break?

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