37) Nadine

In the last post you read about my big date with Mrs. Wilson at a fancy ballroom on Nob Hill. In this post, I let you know how I met Nadine.

No Longer a White Punk

With my good fortune getting a job with no experience at The European Health Spa, The Marina Health Spa and The San Francisco Residence Club, I was beginning to see myself as someone who was going to land on my feet, no matter what. It was as if someone or something was looking out for me. Not enough so, however, to make me religious. More like empowered.

 Okay, Sometimes I Still Acted Like a Human Phallus

I was ready to take some bigger risks. Driving me, was the desire to control my own time and earn more money, much more; so that I could live by the beach and get some of the other things, I was sure I wanted. More college, more self-improvement books, more self-discipline, more self-knowledge and more refined social skills. What I lacked in family connections and an inheritance, I would make up for in effort, hustle and if necessary, guile.

As I looked around my neighborhood on Nob Hill, I determined this is what I needed to do to enjoy life as professional or entrepreneur and not just provide personal service to those who were.


As the manager of The San Francisco Residence club, I was expected to wear many hats. With building renovation underway, I often dressed in a tattered, gold jumpsuit from my days working at the Stanford Court Hotel, just across the street.

Nadine2In February of 1978, Nadine walked into the lobby of The San Francisco Residence Club at 851 California Street. Slim, freckled and fresh from her bachelors program at Miami of Ohio University, her healthy aura washed over me like a shock wave, leaving me nervous and highly aroused. Kowabunga!

Chinese New Year Festival Parade in Chinatown, San Francisco

I couldn’t think of anything else and the next day, on the pretense of changing a light bulb in her room, I asked her to go to The Chinese New Years Festival, just down the street in Chinatown. At 5 feet 4 inches tall, Nadine was healthy, well-educated, came from a whole, supportive family and not street savvy whatsoever; everything that Priscilla – maybe through no fault of her own – was not, and never would be. I wasn’t wise enough to look for these attributes in a woman. And I didn’t, until years later, see them in Nadine. I only knew I was intensely attracted to this woman and helpless to resist.

No Firm Career Direction

Not yet financially positioned to return to college, I seemed drawn to every job that let me come and go as I pleased. I wasn’t lazy. In fact, I was a very hard worker. It never occurred to me there were methods to help choose a career. And for some, like Nadine, it never occurs to them, that your life’s work isn’t always discovered in your twenties.

The lucky ones discover their true calling early, I suppose.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

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