41) Apartment Managment – A Great Way to Live Big on a Small Income

In the last post you read about how I met and married my wife, Nadine. In this post you will read about how I rededicated myself to getting an education and our attempt to position ourselves better financially for family life.

chateauApartment Manager – The Chateau Apartments

On a very warm San Francisco spring morning in April of 1980, just after Nadine and I were married, Dr. Froman called us on the phone at The Chateau Apartments on Van Ness Avenue, which he had hired us to manage (image on the left).

AptDivJeffApartment Manger – The Marina Apartments

To the best of my recollection, here was our conversation that day.“Liz and I own another apartment building in the Marina, which we would like you to consider moving into and managing for us,” Dr. Froman said, in his characteristic low-key and controlled but firm voice. “It is located on Divisadero at Jefferson just a couple of blocks from the water.” “Why don’t you and Nadine swing by the building and let us know what you think.” he said.

We were so excited we could hardly wait to move out of The Chateau and into the building in The Marina district. So we moved from a great San Francisco neighborhood near the famous Lombard Street hill to a world-class neighborhood in the Marina; one that from working at the Marina Health Spa a couple of years earlier, I was quite familiar with.

Small  But Important Steps in My Personal Development

My new assignment was my second apartment manager position. It marked the beginning of a series of events that helped create a belief that I was a person that would “land on my feet” and continue to “fall into good things”. In truth, I worked very hard and experienced some luck in meeting the right people.

Here I was, living in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in San Francisco, married to a wonderful lady and only having to collect rent and change light-bulbs to support it all.

New Mindset and Now Racing Ahead with my Life

I had no formal education, no connections to speak of, no important social affiliations, no car and hardly anything in my savings account. Lucky indeed.

This was my life at 30 years of age living in San Francisco – long removed from a very bad childhood, and drug addicted girlfriend from Minnesota.

Image top – Source: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/2701-Van-Ness-Ave-APT-311-San-Francisco-CA-94109/15071029_zpid/

Image bottom – Source: Google Maps

Do you know what it is like to have the feeling that EVERYTHING you try is working beyond your expectations?

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