42) My Unshakable Foundation for Achievement

In the last post you read about how apartment management positions in San Francisco helped someone like me with no family connections, money or education meet an incredible woman and live in the best neighborhoods in the city. In this post you will read about the foundation I was beginning to build for high self-esteem and high achievement. 

The Building Blocks

The writer hopes his readers can see that this “luck” I was experiencing can happen to anybody. A closer look however, might reveal that I had already put building blocks in place for much of this “luck”.

  1. The first building block in the foundation was a strong belief in myself and self-confidence I had accrued from after-school sports and later lifting weights, swimming and working in two different health clubs.
  2. The second block was some interpersonal skills I picked up while working at no less than 4 different jobs in sales.
  3. A third block might be thought of as the value I placed on preparation and study which I began to apply studying for my real estate license after my failed attempts at college.
  4. And a fourth block in the foundation I had built was something that I already possessed at birth, an optimistic outlook on life and the belief that no matter what, things were going to be okay.

My little foundation, had become a part of me. So by the time Nadine and I met Dr. Froman and his wife for the first time, as we walked across the stone floor of the lobby in The Chateau Apartment building in San Francisco for a job interview, I had plenty of “juice” and knew a few things about how to use it.

I believe everyone has certain “gifts” or aptitudes that can be directed towards acquiring whatever it is they decide they want. And although the study of self-help is nothing new, relatively few in my opinion, have put into practice the knowledge of how to tap the vast resources that reside within them.

Again, by age 30, I had no formal education, no connections to speak of, no important social affiliations, no family inheritance or support, no car and hardly anything in my savings account.

But what I did possess was “luck”.

This Time, Returning with a Purpose

Our position as apartment managers at the building on Divisadero street near Beach in San Francisco provided us a one-bedroom apartment in exchange for our services. By itself this was not an end-game. At least we didn’t think of it that way. But we knew that without the expense of paying rent in that neighborhood and not owning a car, might put us in a position for me to return to college. Augmented with my educational benefits from my military service in 1970, we could make it work.

We made plans for me to return to school.

What age were you when you decided to take control of your life?

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