43) My Amazing 16-Year Approach to Complete Undergraduate Work

In my last post you read about some personal attributes – my foundation, if you will – I developed starting about age 30 (in 1980) that put me squarely on the path to high self-esteem and achievement. In this post you will read about my return to college at City College of San Francisco – a small step in my 16 year journey through college.

City College of San Francisco – A More Focused Student Now but Still Not Remarkable

I applied to The School of Business at San Francisco State University, but I knew academically it would be a stretch to get accepted. My credentials from North Hennepin State College and The University of Minnesota, in 1968-1969, were a joke. Taking a suggestion that I try City College of San Francisco instead, I was accepted there and made the one-hour bus ride from the Marina to the campus for two semesters, I recall and did fine. I learned that O.J.Simpson had attended the college and played football in 1965-1966.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing at San Francisco State University

I finished the remaining two years in the business school at San Francisco State, earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing but not particularly distinguishing myself. At 34 years old and one of the older students in my class, I gravitated towards advertising because its principles are rooted in human psychology, is highly creative and like sales, might afford me the opportunity to learn about a lot of different businesses and how they operated in case I ever decided to open a business for myself.

Bad Fit for Success in Sales or Advertising

With my degree in hand I was granted two interviews with local advertising agencies. For the first time I can recall, I didn’t field a job offer. I decided that a couple of factors were at play in not getting hired. One, other candidates seemed better versed in San Francisco cultural modality’s such as fashion and entertainment; and being more methodical in nature, that I wasn’t blessed with the ability to think quickly on my feet. For example, if you had asked me what time it was, I would tell you the time AND how the watch was made. But I was unlikely to tell you a joke about watches.

Not able to tell a funny joke spontaneously, being abstract rather than concrete, idea rather than story oriented and rather serious, I decided, had also affected my performance in the sales positions I had held.

Human Personality and Potential

This idea of human performance fascinated me because a person’s personality traits and natural aptitudes seemed to be woven through them like so many strings might make up a weaving loom. Later, I would learn these strings are actually neural nets that comprise a vast network of making up the human brain.


Years later I began to wonder if by adding or changing these neural nets that make up our brain, could we improve human performance? Within the last few years the term neuroplasticity has surfaced. That is to say, the brain is no longer thought of as static physiologically but malleable.

If you are interested, here is a link that offers a summary and further detail about neuroplasticity from Wikipedia:


Did you know that your brain is nearly “limitless”, depending on what you “feed” it? If  that is true, why would you suppose some choose to “starve” theirs?

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