47) How Career Fields use Patterns of Aptitudes

In the last post you read that aptitudes are NATURAL abilities. In this post you will read about how aptitudes are used in careers.

Careers use Patterns of  Aptitudes

Every occupation, whether it is engineering, medicine, law or management, uses certain aptitudes. The work you are most likely to enjoy and be successful in is work that uses your aptitudes. For example, if you are an engineer, but possess aptitudes not used in engineering, your work might seem unrewarding. If you lack the engineer’s aptitudes, your work may be difficult or unpleasant.

In later years, the author worked in semiconductor engineering helping to design one or two very prominent computer chips. Lacking engineering aptitudes such as mathematical easiness and the ability to visualize objects in 3 dimensions, Oliver can tell you that engineering was very difficult for him. By the time he discovered this difficulty was rooted in the lack of these aptitudes, he came to believe he had become financially dependent on the field and incapable of successfully redirecting his career. He now concludes he didn’t possess the correct “pattern of aptitudes” to truly enjoy this career.

Based on what you know about your natural abilities, and the successes you have experienced on your job, what patterns of aptitudes are necessary for your line of work?

Source – http://www.jocrf.org/about_aptitudes/what.html extracted on 5/9/2013.

Next: If you KNOW your aptitudes and their relative strengths you can use this information to prepare for and obtain a more satisfying career.

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