49) Interest vs. Aptitudes

In my last post you read about how by figuring out what we are naturally good at – our aptitudes – we can pick more suitable careers and be happier in our work. In this post you will read how our interests are different from our aptitudes.

The following content is from The Johnson – O’Connor Research Foundation’s website. The blogger is not compensated in any way for sharing this stuff with you and is grateful the institute has described these concepts so clearly so we may better understand them together.

Interests What You Do, What You Learn, Who You Know

These factors change greatly from year to year as your knowledge and experience grows. It is difficult to be interested in something if, for example, you do not understand what it is. A job title such as “marine biologist” or “industrial engineer” does not say much about what that career is like, and so how could someone be truly interested in pursuing either of those careers?

Aptitudes – Result of Inheritance and Early Development

They are not changeable as interests are; our research has shown that a person’s aptitudes stabilize at around age fourteen, and remain so for the rest of his or her life. They have little to do with what you know or learn, and our testing program can provide you with an objective source of information about your natural strengths, thus making educational and career planning more precise and effective.

Source –  http://www.jocrf.org/about_aptitudes/interests.html extracted on 5/10/2013.

Is all this stuff about finding your passion just nonsense? Do we really have a choice in this world? If  we wait long enough, won’t God tell us what career to enter into?

Next: How aptitude test results, along with good instincts can be combined to select a great career!

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