50) New Career – Ignoring Common Sense and Going with My Instincts

Still with me?

In the last post you read about how – after bouncing from job to job during my twenties (1970 – 1980) – I underwent aptitude testing at The Johnson – O’Connor Research Foundation to measure my nature talents and see how this information might be used to choose a more satisfying career. Most would regard this as a rational approach to choosing a career. 

In this post you will read about how after getting the results of my aptitude testing I chucked it all and made a decision based on a dream – gut instinct, if you will.

A Very Vivid Dream

Seeing my own limitations on the job, I became even more interested in the topic of career selection, career fit, work-life balance, life’s work and related topics and began reading all kinds of books.

This flood of new information from my study about how a person chooses or changes an occupation, what skills and aptitudes she is born with vs. which can be acquired, why some folks settle for jobs and how socioeconomic factors determine a persons choices in life were all overloading my mind, and I was having difficulty staying on task.

Of All Things to Dream About

One night I had a very vivid dream containing realistic images of computer chips. Smaller at first, the features on the chip would grow larger until I could reach out and touch them.

The next day, I began to wonder how something so small could be manufactured. Since each computer chip contains things called “transistors”, what is a transistor, how does it work, how and why are transistors arranged on a chip and who might design a chip?

chipI became fascinated with the idea that someone with the skills and training to design such a micro chip, would be so highly valued as to walk on one of the frontiers of electrical engineering, while designing the circuits of electronic micro-chips, or semiconductors.

I wondered what it would be like to work in Silicon Valley and enjoy a professional, well-paying position, sit at a desk with no appointments to set or no unrealistic sales quotas.

I pictured myself, a thoughtful, gadget guy, as such a person. I was extremely excited about this did some investigations the next day.

Image – http://www.flickr.com/photos/lrosa/2168719028/ – creative commons.

It is one thing to dream about being a doctor, a scientist or bioengineer. It is quite another to fail at nearly everything you have ever tried until age 27 and put a PLAN in place to embark on a professional career, based on a dream about dancing on a computer chip.

Next: Pulling out all of the stops to prepare for my next big career in engineering without the slightest clue about math and with no aptitude for designing stuff.

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