54) Jenner

In the last post you read about how I used T-shirt advertising to promote myself at a semiconductor industry event in Silicon Valley and snagged an interview and a job offer, in my new career, from Micro Linear. In this post you will read about the new person that came into my life. Her name is Jenner.

From Anger and Despair to My Amazing New Life!

Hey, I had a sparkling new career and new life. I was no Steve Jobs or Joe Montana, but I had come so far. From losing my Dad at age 3, looking down the barrel of my step dad’s shotgun at the dinner table, watching Mom get black-eyes, living in Grandma’s basement, staying with Aunt Peg, failing in Junior College, traveling with an alcohol and drug-addicted girlfriend, sleeping under the pier at Mission Beach, to this: In 1985 I had found an awesome wife and was living and working in California with some of the smartest people in Silicon Valley helping to create computer chips that might change the world. I had developed the confidence to believe I could accomplish anything; a sort of “Winning Mindset” you might say. Also, my luck continued, of course.

Jenner is Born

JennaOn April 19, 1985 our daughter Jenner E. Stanley was born. “Oliver, my water just broke.” Nadine said to me from the bedroom of our apartment in San Jose. The next two hours were a little unusual in that Nadine’s obstetrician was in San Francisco, nearly 45 miles away. In spite of a bad plan for Nadine’s pregnancy, Jenner’s birth went well. (Nadine, Jenner and Oliver are in the image on the left, soon after Jenner’s birth.)

Nadine’s Special Qualities

Just the day before Nadine had gone to 24 Hour Fitness cruised through her customary workout, swimming laps in the pool. This is the discipline, consistency and commitment Nadine brings to everything she does. As Nadine’s father once told me, “If the term paper called for 12 pages, Nadine submitted 18.” Nadine is excellent in everything she attempts. Here is the best part. She is so understated and quiet in her performances – never taking credit – anyone working with her ends up feeling THEY were the star, not Nadine. Quiet competence.

I wondered if my “Little Foundation” – developed years earlier going through tough times – had anything to do with my new success or if it was just luck.

Next: Another big life change – From San Jose to Minneapolis, Minnesota

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