69) Dripping Acid

Welcome new reader!

Did you ever know someone with more guts than talent?

In my last post you read about my gorgeous but creepy  house in  Londonderry, New Hampshire. In this post you will read about me launching my first little company called IC Drawings.

IC Drawings Inc. – The Little Engine that Could!

Later that year, I gave up my full-time job and benefits and accepted a contract with Maxim Integrated, to help start their Boston (North Chelmsford, Massachusetts) Design Center. My little company would be called IC Layouts, Inc. We negotiated a one-year contract for IC Layouts to support two projects with incentives to continue based upon performance.  My commute from Londonderry, New Hampshire to North Chelmsford, Massachusetts was 23 miles, which I could drive in roughly 45 minutes, depending on traffic. I arranged work hours of 11-8 and began my project. The project was extremely successful by all accounts, and Maxim tried hard to hire me. Of course, I was far too wise to accept their offers.

Earn It. Spend It.

Flush with cash (I had never earned low, six-figures before) from my company’s new contract with Maximum Integrated, we hired “Archideck” to build a custom deck surrounding an above-ground pool. With the lush, mature trees surrounding our back yard, the completed project was like a spa in the woods.

Slow Deterioration of the Spirit by Swirling Acid

Taking a week away from Maxim Integrated, Nadine, Jenner, Steve and I made a car trip to Minnesota. The vacation was a nightmare. Stevie was in pain the entire trip. The week served as a reminder that jobs, houses, new cars and even relationships come and go, but a sick son or daughter can eat away at your soul like acid – a diluted, slow-working solution of acid that you cannot control, sometimes cannot feel but know is always there, deteriorating your spirit, your resolve, your happiness and eventually your hope.

Despite the trappings of financial success, did you ever wish to trade it all for the health of a family member?

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