80) On the Road to Intel in Chandler, Arizona

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If you read my last post, I tried to highlight some difficulties (by way of a flashback) I encountered while trying to assimilate into the company culture at Hewlett-Packard in 1996.  In this post I will lay the ground work for my first mask design contract with Intel, in Chandler, Arizona – in some ways, a real hell-hole.

Leaving Colorado for “Combat Training” at Intel Semiconductor Design, Chandler, Arizona

After being forced out at Philips Semiconductors at the Fort Collins Design Center, I made up my mind that I would make the very best of my new situation. Nadine, Jenner, Steve were putting down some roots again, in the same remarkable way they had done in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, just 2 years earlier and Minnesota and California several years earlier.


Since no career mask design positions were available in Fort Collins, I no longer had a career. I was once again a contract Mask Designer. My new plan was to make as much money as I could, then get out. Would out ever come? I didn’t know. Here is one thing I did know.  I was a proven survivor – maybe even elite.

Marine Corps Combat Training

In the world of contract Mask Design work, supporting design of semiconductors, the lab at Intel in Chandler, Arizona, represents the Marine Corps of the industry. I had been on the road before with Burr-Brown in Tucson, Micron Technology in Boise and HP in Fort Collins but Intel Design Center in Chandler, Arizona was a different beast.

Although  I was just grateful Intel had agreed to hire me to a one-year contract beginning in two weeks; the desert climate, company culture and isolation would all prove to be formidable challenges for me.

Did you ever miss your family so much, you used music to divert your attention until you could see them again?

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