81) Scorpions

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In my last post you read about the mindset that is required to go out on the road to support your family. In this post you will explore that mindset a little further and see my little scorpion story.

Different Outlook

Many job holders cannot imagine leaving home and family to go out on the road to earn money. They also cannot imagine starting a business. To them, I cannot explain either. Of course, many business owners cannot imagine holding a job. I also cannot seem to hold a job. But there is something very empowering about cruising into a metro on a big, fat contract. If I didn’t mess up, I would easily make $140,000 during the next 12 months.

I arrived in Chandler, Arizona in September of 2002, secured short-term housing at ExtendedStay and hit the Chandler Fashion Mall over the week-end before reporting to the Intel lab on Monday morning at 9:00AM.

Beginning my First Contract at  Intel

During the first two weeks, my secure access was approved, and I was given my work and cubicle assignment. Feeling confident enough to make a longer term commitment, I found a tiny, nearly new one-bedroom apartment at The Andante in Awatukee, a suburb of Phoenix located quite close to Chandler.

Dry Heat

If you have not experienced the temperature in Arizona, the visitors mock the locals because they tell you it is a “dry” heat. While this may be true, the heat can take you by surprise even inside some of the restaurants and other local businesses, where if the only seating is outside, you may end up with a very unpleasant restaurant experience. Some of my favorite food was eaten outside. My lab friends and I often ate and drank beer at these local spots, where it became a contest as to who could last the longest, rubbing shoulders with folks and enduring 95 degree or more temperatures. It got to be a macho thing. There was plenty of “grin and bear it” going on in the Intel Lab in Chandler, as well. More on that later.

My Scorpion Story

If you have lived in Arizona, you have your own scorpion stories. Mine goes like this.

Basically, my nearly new, tiny, high-value, conveniently located, amenity-loaded one-bedroom apartment was located on the ground floor and literally TEEMING with bark scorpions. Yep, the bad kind. They were on the walls over my head behind the Lazy-Boy lounger, inside the clear, plastic light fixtures on the kitchen ceiling and in my clothes dryer. Almost, but not quite cute, one group consisted of Mama and several baby scorpions riding her back. I was beginning to regret my decision to locate my air mattress on the floor in the bedroom.

Facing and overcoming the heat and scorpions in Chandler, Arizona during the summer of 2002 and other things I will share with you this week, loaded heaping shovels of self-confidence on my growing pile of it.

Would you ever willingly choose Arizona as your permanent residence?

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