91) An Offer from Intel, Fort Collins, Colorado

“The best time to be a mask design contractor is just after you’ve accepted a contract but just before you report for work,” David once told me. 

Often this is a period of two weeks or more.

Plans for

  • living arrangements,
  • gym memberships,
  • last-minute vacations,
  • new t-shirts,
  • and sometimes new toys

can be put in place.

Loved ones gain peace of mind. Debt pay-off can be accelerated. You can call people who doubted you and let them know what an obvious mistake they have made.

Linked-In and Facebook account profiles can be updated.

New home improvement projects can be re-imagined. And you can go to Home Depot again and actually look at the price of all the great stuff.

You can start looking at your stock portfolio again, or really build one on Foliofn – using whole shares instead of fractions of shares.

Old semiconductor technology books can be located and surveyed again. Even if nearly all of Maxwell’s equations still don’t make sense. Ditto for old sticky notes containing scribbles of Ohm’s Law.

As time grows shorter before you report for your contract assignment, you begin to cherish each moment of freedom; balancing each against the materialization of your new plans.

You visualize in your mind a balancing scale, each side hanging from a shiny, brass chain,  on one side your new contract assignment opportunity, the other spending your days on your bike, in Starbucks and with your dog.

What if, instead of always saying yes, no matter how “appealing”, you declined the contract opportunity.

Next – What if.


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