92) Flying High Again in 2004


Hi and welcome to my life’s story.

I am glad you are here!

In the previous post, I shared with you my invitation for a one-year mask design contract assignment with Intel of Fort Collins, Colorado. In this post I will share a little with you about my mindset before giving my answer to the offer of work, and what implications a contract might have for Nadine, Jenna, Stevie and myself.

Over Confident?

Full of confidence from my previous one-year contract with Intel in Arizona, I eagerly accepted another one-year assignment with Intel in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Why not have self-confidence? In my mask design career of 20 years, I had extracted myself from bitter childhood circumstances in Minneapolis, achieved some professional success in San Francisco, worked with some of the top semiconductor design teams in the industry, authored The ADXL50 – an airbag on a chip – and just completed my work at IBM in Rochester, Minnesota.

I was not a real engineer (my undergraduate degree was in business) but technically during that 20 years I had seen a lot of challenges as a mask designer – the one who draws transistors and wires of electrical circuits – and overcome them all. I felt like there was no software, semiconductor process technology or schedule I couldn’t conquer.  Thinking nothing of working week-ends, early morning hours, swing-shifts, being away from home for months at a time, or even putting myself on call (Sun  Microsystems), as a mask design contractor, there was virtually nothing I wouldn’t do to finish the job.

New Assignment

My new assignment at Intel was  right up the street from my own bed where I could sleep every night and be with Nadine, Jenna and Stevie, my family in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Yep, even though my career in mask design was wearing thin – in part due to the many times I had sabotaged it – my CONTRACTING career was flourishing, and I was supremely confident.

Stevie was in deep addiction to pain meds but I had learned to put his circumstances in a box. As of 2004, I had not yet lost all hope we could save his life.

Importance of Timing

I was well positioned, it was my belief, in the right part of the economic boom that was still taking place to capture the momentum of the real estate market and possibly even indulge in my passion for stock market investment.

In  short, our  personal financial circumstances were lining up in 2004 for our best year ever!

Our need was great, since I had saved very little for retirement.

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