95) Know Thyself

Hello new reader and welcome to my autobiography!

I am  glad  you are here.

In my last post I shared with you my experiences while observing a young Mom grieving for her son in chronic pain in 2004 at Denver Children’s Hospital and some insights I gained from that day. Today, on a lighter note, I will let you know what drives free-spirits like myself to find passion in their life’s work – even at the cost of losing everything – time and again.

Like most highly active and energetic folks (maybe like you) I never pictured  myself sitting at a desk all day in a large room filled with grey-walled cubes. I love meeting new people, seeing new things and seem to think more clearly  when I am in motion – either walking, biking or in a car. Maybe I just crave the variety of sights, sounds and smells that come with different locations and sources of sensory inputs.

And like my Mom, the thing I value above everything else is my independence and sense of freedom.

Drawing tiny circuits for over 25 years has provided many engaging and satisfying hours of independence and creative problem solving.  Once I receive engineering specifications from key members of the design team, I then have the freedom to create the circuit components, arrange, connect and verify them according to those specifications. HOW I choose to create this “artwork” is largely up to me – the mask designer.

So within the scope of the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me – drawing circuits whose arrangement can comprise an entire semiconductor chip – I have a great deal of freedom.

Like stock analysis, mask design offers highly creative and analytical folks like myself a chance to get lost in our work. It is ironic that both sets of tasks require long periods of sitting – mostly in front of a computer display screen. The irony being that putting my physical body in motion (rather than sitting in a room) and experiencing the variety of sensory inputs – freedom of movement, if you will – is the most satisfying. But it does not produce an income proportional to the pleasure it provides.

Well  of  course,  people start businesses with the idea of gaining MORE independence and freedom.

But what sort of  freedom and independence does a business start-up REALLY give to the entrepreneur?

  • time freedom?
  • money freedom?

In theory, yes.

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