97) The Gift

Greetings new reader!

Welcome to my autobiography. I am glad you are here.

In the previous post you read about how I compared being stuck in a career – even a highly compensated one – to being wedged deeply in a crevasse or crack between two glaciers. In this post I felt it important to acknowledge a gift. It is a gift that all who are born in this country have bestowed upon us, simply by coming into the world – the gift of freedom. Without it, you and I have very little incentive to start a business or even think about accumulating wealth. In many countries like North Korea, Burma, Equatorial Guinea. Libya and Somalia, state governments direct and control the activities of citizens, including posting a blog like this one.

So first we must acknowledge that only by being a citizen in the United States, or another country possessing similar personal freedoms, is a story like the one you are reading possible.

That does not mean that some people in those least free countries I mentioned above do not have thoughts and dreams of financial freedom. Only that those of us who live and work in this country (or others like it) have the best chance of achieving it.

Beyond the gift of personal freedom, I believe, the gift of good health is the other fundamental factor necessary for personal achievement, including financial freedom.

Personal freedom and good health (both physical and mental); without these two gifts, our chances for financial freedom and independence are nearly non-existent.

So I am grateful for these two gifts.

And if we are lucky enough to possess and appreciate these gifts, we can go as far as our talents and drive carry us. I have created and put in writing a more formal framework for personal achievement (although I have not yet achieved a personal fortune using the framework,) which you read about in an earlier post.  I call it my Little Unshakeable Foundation for Achievement.

Born in America, of robust health, written document for personal achievement, and every chance to succeed.

Have I achieved financial freedom?

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