100) Vital Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Decide to Work at Home

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In the previous post you read about our first work at home opportunity. In this post I would like to share a few more thoughts on working at home.

It is debatable whether someone learns more by operating a profitable business than by owing some that have failed. If you give me the benefit of your doubt I will make a few points about working at home that may save you from a mistake or two that I have made.

Although the dates have been modified slightly to better fit my story, Nadine and I had operated a nutritional supplement home business from our home in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2004, which we quit when we realized the direction of the company had changed from one of leading edge nutritional supplements to personal technology.

Here are a few questions which I believe will help you measure whether or not you may have what it takes to start and run a home business:

On Confidence
  1. Are you a confident person?
  2. Do you have enough self-confidence to get back up again after things have gone wrong?
  3. Do you look to others for approval?
  4. And are you very concerned about what others think?
  5. Do you often go your own way when others seem not to consider alternatives?
On Accountability
  1. Do you admit your own mistakes, even when not to would go unnoticed?
  2. Do you say to yourself and others “I can do better”?
  3. Can you give yourself credit when things go right?
  4. Do you see failure of events, or declining circumstances that lead to bad results as a personal failure?
  5. Where it is clear you have personally failed in a task, do you see this as a permanent personal flaw or something temporary that can be corrected?
On Self-Discipline
  1. Do you have the self-discipline to finish most things that you start?
  2. Do you eat and exercise in moderation (that is to ask, is your eating and exercise under control?)?
On Time Management
  1. How do you measure your work output?
    • do you begin your day with goals or a list?
    • do you set out to work exactly 8 hours every day?
    • do you look at the clock frequently?
    • or do you work until you believe you have accomplished your goals?
    • do you believe it is possible to work a full day without knowing exactly what time you quit for the day?
    • do you see taking short breaks in your work as wasted time?
    • and do you see working more than 8 hours as going “above and beyond” 100% of the time?
On Learning
  1. Is it possible to learn stuff at any age? Do you enjoy learning new things?
  2. Or, do you believe you are too old to learn?
  3. Are there concepts you believe you just cannot learn, no matter how hard you try?
  4. Are you teachable?
  5. How do you like to learn things (books, through experts who have done what you wish to do, videos, CD’s, in the classroom)?
  6. Do you believe the internet can be a credible learning channel?
  7. Or is the internet not to be trusted, especially for learning new things?
  1. Are you comfortable with a computer, conducting internet searches, creating, modifying and sending emails and using some basic application programs?
  2. Can you follow directions, try things sometimes several times until you get them right and contact customer support when problems arise?
  3. Can you call someone you don’t know on the phone to introduce yourself and get or give information?
  4. Can you use (or learn to use with videos) Quickbooks?
  5. Can you post to Craigslist or learn to conduct other more advanced marketing strategies if someone were to work closely with you and show you how?
  1. Do you see yourself as someone who will fulfill your destiny?
  2. Have you thought about what that destiny might be?
  3. Or do you know exactly what you want from your life?
  4. Do you write out your goals and things you wish to have, be and do?
  5. Are you willing to pay the price (time, sacrifice, etc.) to achieve the goals you have set for yourself?
  6. And do you know that you alone can do what you do and you deserve whatever  you get (either success or failure) from life?
  7. Have you heard of the law of attraction?
  8. Have you ever seen the movie “The Secret”?
  9. Do you know that you will become the picture of yourself you hold in your mind?

The technology that enables and improves our ability to use the internet to work from home changes constantly. However, as in life, the business principles and personal characteristics that lead to high achievement are universal and changeless.

Know and use the principles.

Yes, passion is important when choosing a business. But as I found out, doing ones homework is even more important.


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