105) Hope

Stevie recovered that day in Poudre Valley Hospital.

I don’t think he tried to kill himself, really.  He just swallowed every pain med in sight – we will never know how many – got stinkin’ drunk and passed out on the kitchen floor.

No, the world didn’t come to an end.

But that trip with our son to the ER triggered a 3-week hospital stay in an attempt to get to the bottom of things – like why did the pain in his abdominal area come and go and why hadn’t his pancreatic surgery in 2000 resolve his pain?

It was decided that Stevie would benefit from attending The Doley’s Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama – a comprehensive pain management clinic – for 6-weeks.

Since there is no known cure for chronic pancreatitis, the best we could hope for were some more tools to help Stevie manage his pain. So we wrote a check for about $6,000 and put him on a plan to Birmingham.

Six weeks later Stevie returned from The Doley’s Clinic.

After greeting him at Denver International Airport, we asked Stevie, what was the most important thing he learned at The Doley’s Clinic.

Stevie replied, “How to medicate myself [with narcotics].”

Apparently, he had been given some new ones.

His addictions were now much worse – at least in our view.




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