108) From the Kitchen Table

Greetings new reader!

Welcome to my story.

In my previous post I talked a little about my thought process as I was making the decision to open a home business in 2007, from my residence in Loveland, Colorado. In this post I will share, in detail, the methods and approach used by Wealth Miners and Carbon Copy Pro to enroll new members, and my personal experiences with the organizations, as honestly as I know how with full accountability – as is my habit.

As I write this post, here in 2013, the mechanisms by which we operate home businesses have improved – quite dramatically. Yes, application software has evolved. E-commerce platforms look and work better than ever. Creating and delivery marketing content has improved. And if you decide to go into business you can choose a business coach or mentor that will structure a program to help you for nearly any business model.

What Every Business Needs

But every business large or small needs a source of sales leads, or they cannot survive.  The only question is how these leads are obtained.

In 2007, since Craigslist was not yet in wide use as a lead generation tool, many of us that were working at home were beginning to use search engine marketing (SEM) to generate sales leads.

Without getting into a lot of detail, search engine marketing is a way to let folks find your business if you have a website. As you probably now know, if you looking for something online – say a book about how to become a more confident person – you can type this in a search box. The search engine will then display a search engine results page (SERP) listing information about ways to become more confident. The entries on this page could be documents, websites, images or videos.

Wealth Miners/Carbon Copy Pro had, at the time, a unique offer in their quest to build enterprise size organizations using the network marketing or direct selling model.

The Offer

Relying almost totally on Carbon Copy Pro to be the public face of the its online marketing presence, the joint venture offered an “automated marketing system” to help its new networker’s painlessly build a downline organization (essentially a commissioned sales force) without “telling, selling or showing” new prospects about the opportunity,

Although they must first discover the website for the aforementioned offer,  new prospects watched a video implying that new members could fire their boss,  earn $250K per year within 3-5 years, using the “automated marketing system”.  After watching the video prospects submitted an application and paid $25 to be “accepted”.

How powerful was this offer?

Enough to snare me.

Here are just a few of the emotional factors that come into play with a pitch like this:

  • vanity – only those submitting and passing the application process are accepted
  • laziness – use an automated marketing system
  • envy – fire your boss (haven’t you sometimes wondered how others have done that?)
  • greed and lust – $250K per year is a significant sum of money, even to a well-compensated professional thinking about switching careers

If the psychological factors embedded in this offer weren’t enough, the content of this message – both subliminal and superficial – were delivered in a highly authentic video featuring a young, edgy CEO whose style was just enough “in your face” to challenge you to take action and delivered with a heavy dose of “ I was once a job holder just like you, until found some courage”.

Combining the elements of a work at home business, an automated marketing system, a leading edge information product, the benefits of network marketing (low start-up, training, residual income) and the evolution of YouTube, proved irresistible.

At least for an at-home-business, the stars seemed to be aligned.

I couldn’t write a check fast enough.

I was on my way.


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