109) Attraction Marketing

Hello new reader!

Welcome to my life story.

Who am I?

The story of my life has been about achieving my life’s dream of becoming a dedicated (although imperfect) family man. Of course I have done many other things along the way, as I hope you will read here on these pages.

But my life has also been about a quest to find my life’s work – meaningful, independent, creative work that supports my financial goals, is satisfying, leaves a legacy and involves giving hope to others, which helps to fill my spirit.

In the previous post, based in 2007, I set-up the circumstances and some of the details of a new home business, I was attracted to at that time.

It was also a time during which the phenomenon of “attraction marketing” had taken hold. The concept of attraction marketing is not new. But the application of it has grown right along with the use of online marketing. Attraction marketing is the idea of having business prospects come to you rather than going to them. Simple.

Here is a link to the Big Daddy of attraction marketing as applied to building a network, in 2007.  He is Mike Dillard and he created the concept of Magnetic Sponsoring (not an endorsement).


Mike really makes the important points in a professional way, there in the video. Sometimes, when the message is so clear, its source so authoritative as to be unquestionable and its timing so perfect, it gives its viewer no reasonable choice but to write a check.

Why is this important in my story?

It is important because you will see on the next few pages how search engine marketing, using Google’s Pay-Per-Click is really a form of attraction marketing. And using Pay-Per-Click to “attract” prospects to my network marketing business had a very big effect on Nadine and I, which I hope you will read about in the next post.

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