110) Risking Everything – Again

Greetings new reader!

Thanks for visiting my blog – an autobiography written here in the year 2013.

In the previous post you read about the home business Nadine and I were starting back in 2007. In this post, with the benefit of hindsight, I will share with you the method we used to recruit people into our network marketing opportunity, which involved taking on a set of risks so big that the results would have an impact that lasted for years.

3005You will see in the image to the left, a photograph of our home in Loveland, Colorado. I include it here, because, coming from humble beginnings, I was very proud to have owned a house like this, and to let you know what I was putting at risk. This shot was taken from the corner of our lot and shows landscaping for which we paid nearly $35K in cash. We couldn’t get a loan!

The Set Up

“I set my whole team up on Skype and will show you step by step how to run a Pay-Per-Click campaign,” my sponsor crowed. “We should be able to get you up to $10K per month in 3 to 6 months,” he continued.

“Great, when can we get started?” I asked.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): The Basics

If you were to enter the name “OliverMStanley” right now in a Google search box – and I had bid on the right to have that keyword term display on your search results page every time you or someone else clicked on that term (in a text ad called an adword, which is linked to this blog) this would be an example of using Pay-Per-Click to attract you to this blog.

PPC is just that simple. But it is not easy.

PPC is a form of paid search on the internet that advertisers use to offer products, services or recruit home business opportunity seekers.

The main reason PPC is not easy is because it is intensely competitive. Thousands of advertisers are competing for a limited number of keywords – which, if you can hold one or more that rank highly on Google – are gold.

Advertisers bid on these golden keywords in amounts from a few cents to several dollars!

That is right, for some keywords, every click cost the advertisers a forty dollars or more!

Here are the ten most expensive keywords today:

The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim

Here is a link that will show you the cost of the 20 most expensive keywords in 2012, courtesy of wordstream.com.


Our Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Nadine and didn’t know where to start, so we turned to our sponsor who would guide us step by step through the process of deciding which keywords to use to attract opportunity seekers into our downline, how to set up our Google adwords account, how to select the parameters for our keywords, how to determine a budget, how launch and monitor the campaign, etc.

In a nutshell, here was our strategy. Once an opportunity seeker entered one of our search terms in the search box, she would be taken to a page displaying an advert containing that phrase. Clicking on the ad – which was linked to our website – would then take here to a landing page running the same video which featured the same brash, young visionary that compelled me to sign up for the program.

If PPC and the video worked as they had on me, the prospect would then supply her email address and watch another video urging her to send in $25 as she applied for the chance to become part of our team. The prospect would see, by way of a very slick website – one that had been mirrored (essentially duplicated) thousands of times across the internet for every paid business builder – containing an overview of the company, its products, the opportunity, testimonials and various other high-end assets that supported the promise of the brand: health, wealth and happiness.

This was all fine with me, a person who in his advancing years, had become very interested in getting more health, wealth and happiness.

Lets take a step back for a moment.

The Opportunity – A Review

I had joined a business opportunity, working at home.

The promise (offer) was for me to use an automated marketing system to generate $250K within 3 to 5 years selling programs ranging in price from $1000 to $13,000, consisting of CD’s, expert seminars, and trips to exotic locations. I would have access to complete training in setting up a home business, a back office online, a website, leading edge marketing, leadership development, and a community of like-minded individuals who would be more than happy to help me achieve my business goals. There would be no cap on my earnings, no time clocks, no dress code, no products to hold in inventory, no boss, no meetings and no limits.

I would be taking measured steps to achieve financial independence according to a proven blueprint others in the organization had used and were still using in 2007.

I would be helping others do the same, thereby filling up my spirit.

I would be going forth into the world of business to work independently, creatively, passionately, with a sense of purpose.

And unafraid.

At age 57, and nearly unemployable, except for my son’s chronic illness, my life with Nadine, Jenna and Stevie couldn’t get any better!

God I loved my life. I loved the person I had become. In fact, I loved humanity.

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