114) Victory within Sight

In this post you will read about our new affiliate arrangement with Merrill, a top producer in our business opportunity.

By February of 2008, Nadine and I knew something was pretty wrong with our home business. We were receiving sales leads for our adwords campaign but the automated system we heard so much about when we signed-up, clearly was not working.

We had just accepted an offer from Merrill to send him our Google pay-per-click sales leads, which were to be coded with our membership I.D. . The arrangement was to be a closely held affiliate relationship, which neither of us felt comfortable disclosing to Wealth Miners, the company that provided the network marketing opportunity for us.

We had seen Merrill’s  bank statement from December of 2007, showing the guy was raking about $80,000 per month and on a trajectory, based on the sales volume awards the company was announcing he had achieved, to make a cool million in 2008.

Under the arrangement Merrill would contact the leads by telephone and attempt to sell them one of three increasingly expensive memberships; M1 for $1000, M2 for $8950 or M3 for $13,950, or amounts, if memory serves, very close to those. Commissions on those sales (a minimum of $1000, just for an M1) if successful, would be split 50/50 between Merrill and Ocean View Marketing.

Since the number of sales leads were dozens per day, and Merrill had claimed a 50% success rate in selling them once he got them on the phone, the potential income for Nadine and I was quite exciting.

If sales from our home business took off, it would mean I didn’t have to go out on the road to contract in my chip design business, Nadine could consider quitting her job and we could cover Stevie’s mounting medical expenses. We weren’t looking to get rich – at least that was not our driving ambition – but only to resume a normal, healthy family life.

We were to use my Google account to fund and launch a half-dozen or so adword campaigns that contained the keywords he supplied and that had been successful for him and a few others with whom he had a similar arrangement.

I thought for a moment.

At age 57, I certainly had not ascended to financial independence. But I had a wonderful family and had risen to the top of my profession in integrated circuit layout. I had overcome a lousy childhood that included Mom’s three abusive husbands and witnessing my father’s death at the age of 4.

Was I now on the precipice of becoming truly financially independent and not having to be away from Nadine, Jenna and Stevie for months at a time in a career that I hated?

Merrill would be contacting all of sales prospects we could send him and selling one of every two he spoke with. And we would be splitting the profits 50/50.

My mind was racing. Calm down.

But what if he just sold ONE M1 per day? $500 in the bank.

Five M1’s, one M2 and one M3 per week – thousands and thousands of dollars.

Subtracting out our expenses of $250 per day to generate the leads in Google, and cutting the sales in half, we were still making out like bandits.

Everything I had worked for in my life, had come to this time in February of 2008.

Merrill, Ocean View Marketing and Wealth Miners.

For the first time, now since we joined the opportunity, I could let myself think of living in one geographic area for more than a few months. I would never take another chip design contract, never apply for another background check, and never prove myself again to a design team that barely spoke English.

We were on our way!

 Next – The Dramatic Outcome of Merrill’s Proposition

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