117) Repositioning

Welcome new reader!

I am glad you are here.

In the last post you read about how our second home business had failed during the first few months of 2008. I had neglected to adhere to one guiding principle of building a team of dedicated network marketers; follow-through on direct sales.  I had also overlooked due diligence in checking out my enrolling sponsor and entered into a risky side arrangement with him whereby I catastrophically overspent my marketing budget, which yielded no sales and instead directed hundreds of sales leads to the sponsor.

This was my second failed business (depending on how they are counted). And just as in the first, I suppose I was too trusting in these businesses.

But in each of these businesses, I had run into many skeptics. Heck, quite a few of them were in my own circle of friends and family. Hold on, I didn’t have any friends, really.

Being an open-minded sort, I didn’t want to become a person paralyzed with skepticism and therefore unable to lead a self-directed life (even in poverty).

The fact was, despite my self-confidence ( a lot of it ), I had not yet demonstrated I was a business man – or even close.

What was going wrong?

Did I need to go back to college to learn more about business?

Was more formal business education the missing piece to my success with a home business? I had looked around for a business mentor but hadn’t really clicked with anyone.

Maybe I was too headstrong to listen.

I reviewed the circumstances of my life so far (leaving out my accomplishments since it served no purpose here).

I had failed in seven different schools, and now two businesses.

I had graduated from college with a B.S. in Marketing but it had taken nearly 16 years.

I was 57 years old, we had just filed for bankruptcy, had two houses up for sale, Stevie was still suffering from chronic pain and in deep addiction to his pain medications, the economy was in the toilet, I was unable to find a design contract anywhere in the country and we were nearly broke.

And money for tuition? Incomprehensible.

All of the facts pointed to only one conclusion.

It was time to strap it up and go back to school.

Next – Long Odds

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