124) 50 Interviews

Welcome new reader!

I am glad you are here!

In the last  few posts I have shared some details about our son’s journey through a painful chronic illness and drug addiction.

In this post I’ll introduce you to a man I met, while I was completing my Master’s program at Full Sail University. His name is Brian Schwartz. He founded an organization called  50 Interviews in Fort Collins, Colorado.

First, let me back up a few steps, if you don’t mind.

As a requirement for completing the graduate school program, our class was asked to write a thesis – the Master’s Thesis, if you will.

After deciding on a topic for the paper, I decided to combine it with a book, accomplishing both objectives simultaneously.

I approached a local author who had written some titles on the topic of Career Development (a strong interest of mine given my difficulty in deciding on one). She declined to participate with me on the book project but instead introduced me to Brian, who, she said he recently founded an author’s group called 50 Interviews.

Bear with me while I develop this concept, if you will.

Brian’s story is an interesting one.

A few years back while working for IBM, as one of their key marketing staff representatives,  he decided to resign and start a business. His wife said, “I’ll make you a deal, go out and talk to 50 entrepreneurs first.” “If you still have the passion after that, then go ahead.”

Brian did exactly that and wrote his first title “50 Interviews with Entrepreneurs” based off of these interviews.

Making this story short, Brian then began collaborating with other aspiring writers and entered into business arrangements with them for each to write a book based on interviews with 50 experts.  Under the agreements with each “author”, Brian would transcribe the interview and arrange for the editing, layout, publishing and marketing of each new book title.

This is how I was able to publish my two titles (unnamed for now).

In summary, it’s quite appropriate to say that without Brian’s vision and initiative, dozens of folks like me would never have the opportunity to become published authors!

Thank you Brian for creating 50 Interviews!

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