126) My Big, New, Important Career!

Greetings new readers!

So glad you are here!

In my last post you read about my son Stevie getting back on track to resume a life of a normal 23-year-old guy, living in America. Pain and drug free.

In this post I swing back to my life at age 60 – fresh out of graduate school and full of spunk.

After two business meltdowns, you are thinking, I would’ve learned my lesson, right?

But after winning “top honors” from my graduate program in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University in 2010, I was ready to let things rip.

I was aware of course that an advanced degree in business offered no guarantee of success.

But I had accomplished what I set out to do in business school – find out exactly about the inner workings of Internet Marketing and how practitioners used it to achieve the objectives of their businesses.

And since I was looking into working from home, basically I had three independent paths to follow with my freshly minted Internet Marketing Master of Science (IMMS) diploma:

  1. I could offer a product or service and carry out my own marketing,
  2. get a job in a functional area of marketing like SEO, public relations, or web analytics.
  3. open a consulting company to support the marketing efforts of other organizations.

It should be mentioned that without the stability of Nadine’s career at the university, none of this would have been possible – no work at home businesses, no graduate school and no extended time between design contracts.

I was healthy and living in America.  I had every chance in the world to succeed. If I failed, I had only myself to blame.

That is the still the standard by which I hold myself accountable, as I write this today, in the year 2013.

Next – First Client

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