129) Jenna

Greetings – I am so glad you are here!

In my  last post I gave you an update on Nadine, my wife of over 30 years.

In this post, I provide a similar update for Jenna, our daughter, born in 1985.

Note: Posting activity has been spotty during the last two weeks. I took a nasty fall on my bike.

If Stevie was a nightmare child – due  mostly to chronic pancreatitis, which was beyond his control – our relationship with Jenna has been unbelievably easy.


Jenna has been healthy and worked hard to support some very good decisions she has made in her relationships and her career. Jenna has also been blessed with the gift of a very quick mind and effortlessly being  a person that people like and respect.

Jenna selected a brilliant and cordial man, named Timothy as her husband and is raising a small family and living nearby.

Jenna worried about Stevie but really had no  idea of what Nadine and I endured while Stevie was sick.

Jenna and Timothy helped Stevie with his rent during the period of January through July of 2010. Were it not for their financial contributions, Stevie’s road might have been far more difficult.

Like so many who make life look easy, there is more to Jenna than meets the eye.

Through her prodigious work ethic, she has assembled around her some of  life’s most wonderful gifts, including two healthy, radiant children, a solid, high character husband, great friendships, and a lovely home, all during her early twenties. Her accomplishments may not be unique but because of her hard work, she has won the sincere respect of everyone who knows her.

Like Nadine and Stevie, Jenna had grown-up watching me struggle with career. Although by the time she was born, I was just launching my mask designer job phase in Silicon Valley, by the time she was in her teens, my anxiety, and restlessness was on full display for our whole family.

I don’t know that she was sympathetic, but as my daughter, that wasn’t her role.

In later years she would confess to  me she didn’t want to get stuck the way she observed others getting stuck in their careers.

I knew who she was talking about.

Between Nadine, Stevie, Jenna and myself, Jenna and I have personalities that are the  most similar – amicable, yet on occasion, forceful and opinionated.

No one wanted to get on Jenna’s bad side – the way back, if one existed, was painful and uncertain.

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