130) Mishap

Welcome to my life’s story.

In my last post I provided an update on Jenna, our daughter.

In this post I jump ahead to the present day, a span of 3 years.

I am nearly finished with my autobiography – the greatest personal story no one has ever read.

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 I was riding my bicycle on the Poudre River Trail in Fort Collins, Colorado, when a small dog ran in front of my bike on the paved gently curving trail next to the Poudre River.

The dog was supposed to have been on a leash and was in a full sprint across the trail when I hit him square with the front tire of the bike.

I flipped off the bike, landed on my left side, with the elbow underneath taking the force of the fall, and busting it up badly enough for me to require surgery.

As I sit here in the Starbucks right now putting the accident into perspective, I find it ironic in two ways; 1) I am always on my soapbox about irresponsible dog owners who fail to keep their dog on a leash, and 2) being Stevie’s father and witnessing years of drug addiction, I myself became mildly addicted to Vicodin when recovering from surgery.

In the next post I will update Stevie’s progress and path back to a normal life.

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