131) The Greatest Feat of Work I’ve Ever Observed

Welcome to my story.

I am happy you are here.

In my previous post I provided an update on Jenna, our daughter.

In this post, I want to give you a snapshot of a period of 4 months during the summer of 2013 while Nadine and I were living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Natives of Minnesota – the state where I was born – are known for certain things, one of them being their work ethic. And I suppose you could argue, Swedish pancakes, canoes and fishing but those are for another part of my story.

Speaking of work ethic, my wife Nadine, during the summer of 2013, demonstrated the greatest sustained period of work output I’ve witnessed in my sixty plus years of life.

Here was her daily routine – check it out:

Before I give you the hourly breakdown, let me tell you she carried this out for four months running from July through October, just after accepting her new position as a program director at the local university.

And here’s one other important distinction. Out of concern for learning her role, responsibilities and balancing her life/work balance, there were many nights – say 25-30% – of nights where she slept 4-5 hours and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Here was Nadine’s amazing and prodigious schedule (as best I can recall) during those four months:

Monday – Friday

4 am – get up and feed the dog

4:15 am – makes coffee

4:30 am – sit at her home/office desk

6:30 am – treadmill (runs 1-2 miles per morning)

6:45 am – 7:15 am – shower, breakfast, gets dressed

7:15 am – leave for work

7:30 am – arrives at work

6:00 pm – finishes up at work

6:30 pm – arrives home prepares quick dinner

7:30 pm – back to work at home/office desk, completing correspondence and preparing for next day

8:30 pm – goes to bed

If Nadine’s Monday through Friday schedule wasn’t impressive enough, she worked EVERY Saturday and EVERY Sunday except three or four during this four-month period.

Adding in these Saturdays and Sundays, Nadine worked, by my rough estimates, between 75 and 80 hours per week for four months!

Nadine’s work during the summer of 2013 stands as the greatest feat of work I have ever seen.



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