133) Another Visit with IBM

Hello new reader!

Welcome to my autobiography.

Posts 128-132 provided updates on Nadine, Jenna and Stevie.

In this post you will read about why I returned to IBM,  in Rochester, Minnesota for a third contract – again in the dead of winter.

First a little background.

The little marketing consulting company I had formed in 2011 had successfully launched a start-up – at least the affiliate marketing campaign – but through a few other encounters with small business owners, I had soured on the idea of helping folks get their online marketing going.

Most Mom and Pop businesses I had encountered – I surveyed over 300 of them by phone during the summer of 2011 – were absolutely clueless about internet marketing. Worse, they had no stomach for listening to an “academic” like myself provide untested theories about why they needed a website.

At age 60, I had tons of experience in all realms of business and a very expensive masters degree in Internet Marketing. None of this mattered.

At that point, I had to  admit the futility of my mission. My mission was to clean up a small corner of the online business arena and  provide a safe, sane field for a business that wanted to stake out a well-grounded, sustainable, legal online presence. Bad idea. Or so it seemed.

It wasn’t long after that when I decided I would do whatever it took to secure another mask design contract. Yes, the very 25  year career I loathed – no, not loathed, but was no longer suited for.

Heck, I missed the paydays.

So in November, after a disastrous short-term job as a weight watching clinic, I drove my 2011 Hyundai Accent to Rochester, Minnesota to once again, work with my friends at IBM.

In the next post you will read why my contract with IBM was cut short and phone call from a very special friend.

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