134) A Very Special Call from My Friend at AMD

Towards the end of 2011, my friend (who probably wishes to remain anonymous) from AMD offered me a full-time position at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) back in Fort Collins, Colorado – a location our family now called “home”.

The project to which I was assigned turned out to be very difficult. But our team was tremendously successful.

During some of the more stressful days of our team’s efforts, I began to realize that at age 61, my cognitive skills were no longer the same as they were when I began my career in 1985. In terms of my experience, I was totally comfortable in my role as the lead designer (layout) where I was planning and organizing the work flow to a set of technical and scheduling expectations. After all, I had a great team around me. But near the end, growing project complexity and frequent specification changes seemed to get the better of me. And I decided those few months were something I never wanted to go through again.

So in April of the following year, 2013, to the surprise of everyone in my group of 20 or so, and without any other prospects for employment, I gave my two weeks notice.

About three months later, the entire group was let go.

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