About This Book

Oliver M. StanleyDid you have a rotten childhood?

Mine sucked. And here in my blog book autobiography, I want to give you every grimy detail.

You may wonder why I think my life is worthy of an autobiography like this.

You might think that writing about nearly every significant event in your entire life would be like feeling better after vomiting. While this is true – most writers describe it as therapy – I didn’t set out to write the book to make myself feel better. I’m a pretty happy – and lucky – person already.

I’m writing book to better understand the forces that shaped my life during the last 62 years, to better understand the nature of happiness and to let you know – and this sound odd – that I believe in you!

If you lost your father at an early age, if you witnessed family abuse in your home, or even if right now as you read this, you think your life is crappy, the seeds of change are within you.

Here are some things you’ll read about and maybe some of them happened to you:

  1. how my Dad’s terrible train accident changed our family’s future, but why it didn’t defeat us,
  2. how my Dad’s death solved Mom’s biggest problem,
  3. my escape from North Minneapolis, homelessness, taste of Nob Hill society, some improbable career successes,
  4. the single most important characteristic that fueled my achievements, how you can acquire it, and
  5. why families  are  powerless against drug addiction and why so many families fail to recognize it until it drags them underwater.

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My Story

Lumberjack, taxi-driver, fitness trainer, author, computer chip designer, a hotel manager, sales representative, network marketer, and many others, my careers have all been about finding independence and high achievement in my work.

I have failed as many times as I have achieved excellence. And if you can relate, then I feel sure you will enjoy this book!

My wife Nadine and I have lived in California, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and most recently, Colorado, where I am currently retired and writing this blog book autobiography:

“Dad’s Dead. Mom’s Drunk. And I’m Failing Algebra. How I Escaped North Minneapolis, Discovered Nob Hill, Then Learned Algebra.”

I realize you have many places to spend your time online and appreciate you reading my blog.

To get daily tidbits like this one from my little blog book, please leave your email address at the top-left corner of my Home page.

Oliver M. Stanley

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