Dad’s Dead. Mom’s Drunk. And I’m Failing Algebra.

How I Escaped North Minneapolis, Discovered Nob Hill, Then Learned Algebra – An Autobiography by Oliver M. Stanley

Oliver M. StanleyDid your childhood suck?

Mine did. In fact, I doubt you’ll find another as bad.

Did you let yours defeat you?

I wrote about mine in this autobiography that spans 62 years and will describe growing up in a North Minneapolis ghetto, witnessing my Dad’s heart attack, Mom and Dad’s drunken battles and my personal journey through fatherhood, the military, dozens of jobs, entrepreneurship, business school, law school and our family’s greatest achievement – helping to nurture our chronically ill and drug addicted son back to health.

Here is what you will see in my autobiography:

  • how my father’s terrible train accident changed our family’s future, but why it didn’t defeat us,
  • why my father’s death solved Mom’s biggest problem,
  • escape from Minneapolis, homelessness, taste of Nob Hill society, some improbable career successes,
  • single most important characteristic that is fueling my achievements,
  • why we were powerless against family drug addiction and what finally happened when we lost ALL hope,
  • when to QUIT but why quitting the wrong things can devastate your self-esteem.

From a frozen farmhouse in Wisconsin to North Minneapolis during the racially tense 60’s, from Miami Beach to Nob Hill in San Francisco and a houseboat in Sausalito, from Harvard Square to Rockefeller Plaza to Colorado, you will read all these experiences and more as I search for my true calling while going through one set-back after another.

I couldn’t wait any longer to tell my story. Heck, I couldn’t wait for a publisher – so here it is – plaid shirt and all!

Oliver M. Stanley

P.S. – Oliver Stanley is not my real name. Other names in my book have also been changed to support those who wish to remain anonymous.


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